Flexible Shaft Couplings




Frontline Couplings transmit torque through precision machined barrel shaped pins, which ride within self-lubricated fiber-reinforced polymer bushings. This patented "free floating" double engagement design gives the Frontline Coupling several advantages:

 Easy to Install and Maintain

No special tools are required for the installation or removal. Pins and bushings can be easily replaced without having to move the coupling or the equipment.

High Misalignment Tolerance

The "free floating" double engagement design allows the Frontline Coupling to significantly reduce the adverse effect of lateral forces due to unavoidable misalignment. This feature greatly extends the bearing life of the driver and the driven equipment.


   Angular Misalignment          Axial Misalignment           Parallel Misalignment       

Trouble-Free Operation

No need to lubricate, since the bushings are made out of low coefficient of friction, high strength, self-lubricated polymer compound.

Easy to Align

In the event that a laser or dial indicator is not readily available, a good alignment can still be achieved with the use of a straight edge placed across the outside of the precision machined hubs.

Environmentally Tough

The hubs, the pins and the power ring are made out of 303 or 316 S.S.  The bushings are fibre-reinforced polymer compound.

Torsionally Flexible

The polymer bushings provide shock and vibration dampening.

Low Inventory Cost

Only one-size bushings and pins are needed regardless of the size of the coupling. Also, the hubs and the power ring do not see any wear and therefore never need to be replaced.

Electrically Isolated

Because of the polymer bushings, the two hubs are electrically isolated from each other and therefore prevent stray currents from traveling across and damaging the bearings.

Dynamically Balanced

Finished bore couplings are furnished balanced to AGMA Class 10.