24 Hour Emergency Service

We Have Technicians “On Call” 24 hrs/Day, Every day of the Year.

In the event of an emergency during non-business hours, here is what to do:Call our 24 hour phone - 800.876.6173. A person will answer and you can request for a service technician to call you right back so that you can explain the nature of your service call and proper, fast help can be dispatched in a matter of a few hours.

If you have no access to this website or the 24 hour phone number, you can call one of the (2) two main phone numbers: (973) 373.7211 or (973) 374.8987. At the end of the 6th ring a recording will come on and will prompt you to leave a message or to call the 24 hour phone number which will be given to you at the end of the message.