3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Frontline Industries is proud to offer a 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty* on the overhaul of Pump & Motor units 
50 HP and above.

*Warranty Requirements:
Frontline must do the removal, overhaul, 
installation including a new coupling, 
alignment and start up.

What You Get:


  1. Removal of unit, inspection of base and piping supports.
  2. Sandblast pump casings and dress up all machined surfaces.
  3. New stainless steel shaft.
  4. New sleeves.
  5. Machine stuffing box faces perpendicular to shaft.
  6. Restore wear rings clearances.
  7. Check bearing housing for proper tolerance.
  8. Dynamically balance rotor.
  9. Assemble pump with new mechanical seals, bearings, gaskets, nuts, bolts and fittings.
  10. Hydrotest pump to 1.5 x operating pressure.


  1. New (5-year warranteed) double engagement, stainless steel flexible coupling.


  1. Megger windings and record readings.
  2. Degrease, bake and re-insulate windings.
  3. Dynamically balance rotor.
  4. Assemble motor with new SKF or FAG precision bearings.
  5. Test run motor.


  1. Measure and record the most relevant performance values such as alignment, vibration, suction and discharge pressure, bearings temperature and motor’s current draw.



24 Hour
Emergency Service

No matter the day or time, Frontline Industries will be here for you in case of an emergency!